Our Daily Bread

Our weekly meal for the community, known as "Our Daily Bread" is served every Friday at 11:30 am in Garman Fellowship Hall through our partnership with the San Diego Catholic Workers.

Our History: In 1997 The San Diego Catholic Workers, followers of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin who founded the Catholic Worker in New York in 1933 to serve the homeless, needy and helpless, began a partnership with Christ Lutheran Church in this outreach by organizing and providing the food and cooks for this meal. Many volunteers from Christ Lutheran Church, the Catholic Workers, the community and the poor and homeless work together to live out Jesus’ command in the gospel to “Feed the Hungry” In 2004 the name of the program was changed to “Our Daily Bread.”

All are welcome to join us to share in the meal or to volunteer, and can contact Tina from the Catholic Workers at 619-298-3755 or the CLC office.

For more information and resources about meals & other assistance in the Pacific Beach and greater San Diego area check out our Resource Guide. We welcome you to come by the office to pick up a copy as well.