• Joanna Bible Study Circle meets the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 am (Janice S. is the leader; please contact the church office for her information).  Mary Bible Study Circle meets the second Tuesday at 11:30 am (Millie M. is the leader; please contact the church office for her information). This is a time of fellowship with CLC women.  All women all welcome to these groups, just call either leader.

  • CCW hosts receptions at Memorial Services when asked.  We have a Christmas Luncheon in December when we fill Christmas bags for the Shut-in members of CLC.  CCW are a member of Church Women United.


  • We encourage women to attend the Pacificia Synodical Women’s Convention the first weekend in November.  Jo Ann L. serves on their Board.  Half of our offerings are sent each month to the Pacifica Women of the ELCA and our Thankoffering ingathering are sent to the church-wide office of the Women of the ELCA.  At the end of each year we give out Benevolent Gifts to CLC and other non-profit groups.


Suggested Reading!

Bold Café’: free monthly Newsletter for women 18-35 & is part of the ELCA website (all ages will enjoy!) 

Gather Magazine: Magazine of the Women of the ELCA

Christ Church Women are a unit of the Pacifica Synod Women of the ELCA.  We extend an open invitation to all women to join in any of our monthly functions.

For information about this month's Circle meetings, please see our newsletter,

The Good News.