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“The general purpose of the Endowment Fund” of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pacific Beach (CELC) “is to enhance the work of the congregation by supporting ministries and stewardship opportunities additional to or apart from the ordinary course of operation of the congregation.” (CELC Bylaws 10.1) In accordance with the IRS rules, Endowment funds “shall be used exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes.” (CELC Bylaws 10.3)


The value of the Endowment Fund is based on the contributions of church members and non-members who wish to provide support to the additional ministries and stewardship activities that might benefit the congregation or others. These contributions are the source of the Endowment Fund principal which remains in the fund over the long-term. The funds available for grants are the earnings on investments of the principal.


Among its responsibilities as custodian of the fund, the Endowment Fund Committee makes recommendations to the Church Council for specific financial awards that satisfy the requirements of the fund as outlined in the CELC bylaws. The current priority is grants for organizations/initiatives or individuals (in the case of scholarships) within the CELC campus. There are two application forms available for grant requests: one for scholarships and one for general requests. Both applications are available on the CELC website. Applicants are asked to follow the submission requirements to ensure appropriate and efficient evaluation of the request and granting of funds.